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'There is discrimination on the basis of gender in Bollywood', Ada Sharma exposed the industry

‘There is discrimination on the basis of gender in Bollywood’, Ada Sharma exposed the industry

Famous Bollywood actress Adah Sharma is in the news these days for her film The Kerala Story. The film has collected 200 crores at the box office. Adah is continuously giving interviews after the film became a blockbuster. Apart from Hindi, he has also worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam industries. Ada told that she has worked in every industry. Where good people meet and bad people too. Adah says that there is gender bias especially in Bollywood. Where the actresses are called to the set before the actor.

Ada revealed this in one of her interviews. He was asked what is one thing in the industry that he does not like. On this Ada said, ‘I worked with people from North and South, some were amazing and some were not. It depends on who is in front. If your director is good, irrespective of the language then everything is good but if the director is not good then all is not good.’

Ada further says, ‘I have met good and bad people everywhere.’ Adah feels the gender bias in Bollywood needs to be addressed before equal fees. He told, ‘I find it very strange that he first calls the girl on the set and then says, OK, wait. When they see that ok here it is then they call the manager of the actor and ask him to come on the set and the girl is already there. I feel biased on the basis of gender. I do not enjoy working in such an environment. Please tell that Sudipto Sen has directed ‘The Kerala Story’. The film had to be criticized for being propaganda. It was embroiled in controversies before its release. However, this did not make any difference to the audience and a huge crowd of people was seen in the cinemas.

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