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The Kerala Story: Kamal Haasan's anger erupted again, said a surprising thing

The Kerala Story: Kamal Haasan’s anger erupted again, said a surprising thing

After calling The Kerala Story a propaganda movie, Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan has once again hit out at the Sudipto Sen directorial. Recently, he has also given his opinion on the demand to ban the movie. Talking about how the makers have changed the details of the movie from 32000 women converting to Islam to details of 3 women, Kamal told a media that one cannot exaggerate the numbers of certain things. Can’t tell and won’t be able to present it like a national crisis.

The actor mentioned that he has not seen the controversial movie, but has heard what people have spoken about it. When asked if he is going to ban the movie if given a chance, Kamal said that he is not going to ban any movie. He explained that he is trying to tell people to understand the movie, what is its purpose? In this conversation he also recalled the time how his film Vishwaroopam was banned in Tamil Nadu and people still wonder why it was even banned? He has said that there was a case between Raj Kamal Films and the Government of Tamil Nadu, which he won and after that the movie was released.

He has said that he is actually being called one of the strongest supporters of turning the Board of Certification into a Censor Board and banning or editing films. Kamal has further said that there should be free speech in this country. Movie producers will be able to authenticate the film and say that some people didn’t see the movie. He also stressed that the audience should watch a film like The Kerala Story without believing it and then thinking about it.

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