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Manoj said to people raging on the dialogue of 'Adipurush', "I am ready to apologize but..."

Manoj said to people raging on the dialogue of ‘Adipurush’, “I am ready to apologize but…”

In a scene of the movie ‘Adipurush’, when Lord Hanuman is seen walking in the Ashok Vatika, a demon tells him that ‘this is your aunt’s garden who came to eat the wind’. When Angad challenges Ravana, he says, ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram speak and save his life, otherwise today he is standing, tomorrow he will be found lying down’. There are many tapori-like dialogues in the film, which are being criticized everywhere. The dialogue writer of the film Manoj Muntashir has given clarification on his behalf and said why there are such dialogues in the movie.

Manoj Muntashir has also started being trolled for writing controversial dialogues. In a conversation with the media, when Manoj asked Muntashir that the audience who were ready to take their children to the cinema hall to make them aware of the dignity and rituals of Lord Shriram, would they now show this film to them because of such dialogues? Manoj Muntashir says, ‘We are being targeted. Our shortcoming is that we did not sell the film on the scale of purity. Never said that we are authentically using the same language that Valmiki used in ‘Ramayana’. If we had to go on purity, then I accept my mistake. I had to write in Sanskrit again. Then I do not write at all, because I do not know Sanskrit at all.

Continuing his point, Manoj Muntashir has said that, ‘But chastity was never the aim. The aim was to reach those children who do not know who Lord Ram is. It pains me to inform that children of 10-12 years of age only know about Lord Ram as much as their parents told them. Must have seen his photos at home, that’s all we know. If we are teaching them the story of Lord Ram, in a country where we know about the seven generations of Shahjahan and Babur and we know Dasharatha, the father of Lord Ram, but don’t know his father’s name.

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