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Kailash Kher got angry at the Khelo India event, said- 'Learn manners, made us wait for 1 hour and...'

Kailash Kher got angry at the Khelo India event, said- ‘Learn manners, made us wait for 1 hour and…’

Renowned popular singer Kailash Kher is the pride of every event. Wherever he goes, he energizes the atmosphere with his songs. Recently, a video of Kailash Kher has surfaced in which he is seen in anger. They lashed out at the management officials at the Khelo India University Games event. Actually, Khelo India University Games are being organized in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This event is to be held from May 25 to June 3. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the Khelo India University Games. Kailash Kher enthralled the audience with his songs at the inaugural event. But here he had a problem with the management arrangements. They got angry at Babu Banarsi Das Management. Kailash Kher said that more commandos are being shown while he is the darling of Maharaj Yogi Adityanath, Commando Giri should be shown where it is to be shown.

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Taking the mike in his hand, Kailash Kher says angrily – learn manners. Made us wait for an hour, after that there is no such thing as manners. Is this Khelo India? Khelo India will happen when we are happy, our family members will be happy and then people outside the world will be happy. If you want to speak, you can speak a lot. Then people will start saying leave it, leave it alone, don’t speak. We have come here to sing, we have called you, so know that one and a half hour is ours only. Kailash Kher gave a message from the stage to those who spread disorder and said that even Maharaj Yogi ji loves him, the whole world loves him because he feels like touching the feet of Indians and bowing down. They say – We want to wash the feet of every Indian and drink it. But first things have to be settled. If attention is not paid like this, then all this will continue. Don’t do all this.

However, after a while Kailash Kher became normal and started smiling on the mike – We are out of breath, still we are dancing, still singing and going crazy, pay attention to the fact that someone Crazy to sing. Kailash Kher did not stop here, he also told the commando team posted there and said, show commandogiri where needed because we are our own and are the sweat of Maharaj Yogi ji. Maharaj ji has made us with sweat. We have come from the midst of saints after a lot of agony. We live for India and will die for India only. Then gradually Kailash Kher calmed down and started singing and dancing to the tune of his fun. Kailash also made Additional Chief Secretary Sports Navneet Sehgal dance to his songs. He has also shared a tremendous video of the event on social media.

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