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After Kerala Story, now Bengal Diary coming to shake cinema houses

After Kerala Story, now Bengal Diary coming to shake cinema houses

While the controversy of The Kerala Story is increasing every day, in the meantime another movie has appeared surrounded in controversies. The trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ remains in constant discussion. An atmosphere of anger has been created among the people regarding this trailer. Alam is that the West Bengal Police has also issued a notice to the director of the movie. There is an allegation on the director that he is also trying to tarnish the image of Bengal through his movie.

But what is the story of the trailer on which so much controversy has started? The trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ shows the injustice done to Hindus. The film’s maker Jitendra Tyagi alias Wasim Rizvi’s movie ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ is based on the situation in West Bengal and the changing political situation there. As soon as the trailer starts, we get to hear a dialogue that democracy is a government elected by the people. But one of which also means that if the majority will be of Muslims, then the law will also be of Shariat.

Immediately after this, a woman playing the character of Mamta Banerjee is going to appear who is seen speaking loudly to CAA and NRC. In the trailer, a glimpse of the conditions of West Bengal getting worse day by day is also being seen. The exodus of people is shown. According to the trailer of the movie, a large number of radical organization Rohingya Muslims of Bangladesh are going to be resettled in West Bengal.

According to the story, West Bengal is now becoming worse than Kashmir, for the Hindus of Assam, West Bengal has become another Kashmir. That is, the makers have tried to show through this trailer how Hindus are being persecuted in West Bengal and the persecutors are none other than Muslims with a fundamentalist mindset.

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