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After 'Kashmir Files' and 'Kerala Story', a film based on Ajmer will be released soon

After ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘Kerala Story’, a film based on Ajmer will be released soon

The box office success of the movies ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘Kerala Story’ has given the makers the courage to adapt the story based on a true incident that took place in the year 1992 in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. Abhishek Dudhaiya, who came into limelight with the direction of ‘Bhuj the Pride of India’, was earlier going to make this story as a web series, but now he says that this story will prove to be better for the movie and the kind of movie people like. Looking at what he is doing, its future is going to be good at the box office.

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In Ajmer, Rajasthan, an incident about 30 years ago created sensation in the whole country. In this case, an influential family of Ajmer, their relatives and acquaintances also started blackmailing about 300 girls. In the investigation of the police, it was found that these girls were raped and their nude photographs were taken and they were made to do what the society considers a crime. Many girls have also been forced into prostitution by blackmailing them.

When this matter came to light in the year 1992, an atmosphere of commotion was created not only in the entire state but also in the entire country. Some arrests were also made in this case. But till now many of the culprits of this case have not been caught. The company Tips, which is preparing to make a web series ‘Ajmer Files’ on this story, has now decided to make it as a film. According to Kumar Taurani, Chairman, TIPS, watching ‘Ajmer Files’ in the form of a film in theaters is going to be a different experience of its own.

Taurani had a long discussion with Abhishek Dudhaiya on this whole issue. Abhishek Dudhaiya, co-producer and director of the movie says, ‘We are very happy and excited to work on ‘Ajmer Files’. Its script is almost complete. Now that it is being made for the big screen, I have no doubt that it will keep the audience hooked. It is a story that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the viewers.

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